Our method

We are Jans Huisartsen, the modern, general practitioners in Rotterdam.

Our mission is to provide excellent healthcare that meets the needs of today. For example, you can visit one of our practices, but it is also possible to discuss medical issues digitally.

About us

We consist of a permanent and close-knit team of general practitioners and practice employees. Your healthcare and the practices’ business administration are kept separately.
This means that our GPs have more time for what they do best: connecting with patients. Consultations with
us are kept generally to 15 minutes unless you need more time. A longer appointment can also be arranged for you. We strive to make everyone – both patients and our team – feel welcome.
Most of our GPs have been working for Jans Huisartsen since we opened in 2021,
allowing them to build a personal and lasting relationship with their patients.

Our team

The Jans Huisartsen team is
always there for you!

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Rotterdam Centrum
Rotterdam Kralingen

Amarah van der Zwet

I joined Jans Huisartsen as an assistant in June 2021 and as of October 2022 I have been working as an operational manager. In 2020

Ron Remmerswaal

I have been a doctor for twelve years, eight of which as a general practitioner and forensic doctor (police doctor/municipal coroner). In September 2022 I

Joyce Andeweg

I have been working as a general practitioner since August 2016 and have worked in various practices in and around Rotterdam. I like the diversity

Frances de Lange-Cloete

I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa. I have been working at Jans Huisartsen for over a year. As a specialised GP’s assistant (SOH)

Nicole Blok

From February 2023, I joined the team as a POH Somatiek, providing care and support to the chronically ill and the elderly. This includes patients

Barbara den Hollander

My name is Barbara den Hollander. I have been working as a physician since 2014. Initially, I worked in the Emergency Room and with Surgery.

Elif Yildiz

My name is Elif Yildiz. I have been working as a general practitioner since 2002. What I enjoy most about being a general practitioner is

Dr. Robert Mol

I am Dr. Robert Mol, a family doctor for 40 years now. I have worked abroad in places like Saba, St. Maarten, and the Netherlands

Rogier Vogels

I have been working as a doctor in internal medicine and the emergency department since 2018. I have been working as a general practitioner since

Kiki van Broeckhuijsen

I have been working at Jans Huisartsen since 2022 as a Physician Assistant (PA). I also work as a clinical obstetrician at the Ikazia hospital

Tony Feng

Since 2015 I have been working as a doctor in internal medicine and psychiatry. In 2022 I completed my training as a general practitioner. I

Janelle van der Vorm

My name is Janelle van der Vorm. I have been working as a general practitioner with great pleasure since 2016. I am married, a mother

Yüksel Barutcu

My name is Yüksel Barutcu, and I have been working as a Physician Assistant since 2019. Every person is different, and that's what makes this

Ashray Dihal

My name is Ashray Dihal and I have been practicing medicine since 2014. I have worked in various specialties and have been practicing family medicine

Diederik Dolk

Together with Luc Jansen, I started Jans Huisartsen in 2021. As a practice manager, I am proud that we are making a positive impact in

Gabriella Molitor

I have been working as a psychologist for two years and have been working as POH-GGZ at Jans Huisartsen since 2022. As a POH-GGZ I

Jeanette de Vreugd

I have been working as a medical secretary since 2007. At the beginning of my career I worked within the Radiotherapy department in what was

Esther Denissen

I have been working as a Physician Assistant in general practitioners since 2020. The best thing about my profession is the breadth and diversity of

Pauline van der Pol

I have been working in healthcare for about twenty years. As a practice assistant, I support GPs in his or her work. I now also

Siemie Adelij

My name is Siemie Adelij, and I have been working as a mental health care practitioner (POH GGZ) since 2019. It gives me satisfaction to

Dr. Luc Jansen

My name is Luc Jansen, and I have been working as a practice manager at Jans Huisartsen since 2021. Previously, I worked at Zilveren Kruis


Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your question? Can’t find the answer to your question? You can find more information via our contact & questions page, or simply ask your question via the button below.

Yes. We work with a permanent team of general practitioners. When you schedule an appointment via our patient portal, you can choose who you want to consult with.

Yes! If you also want to register your family members with us as well, you can do so via the same registration form.

Basic health insurance covers much of the care you receive from a GP. This includes telephone calls, visits, and consultation hours by, for example, a general practitioner, a medical or practice assistant and/or a nursing specialist. There is an excess for other treatments. These are the costs that you, as a patient, are responsible for paying for. This may include additional examinations, referrals, and medication.

This requires access to our patient portal. If you are a registered patient with Jans Huisartsen, you automatically get access to the portal.

You need an e-mail address and a Dutch mobile telephone number.

Our practices are open every Monday to Friday from 08:00-17:00. For emergencies outside of these times, call: Huisartsenpost Sint Franciscus Gasthuis on +31(0)104669573.

Rotterdam Centrum: Vasteland 22
Rotterdam Kralingen: Struisenburgstraat 46

Yes, it may still be possible. However, we cannot complete your registration if you live more than 15 minutes by bike from the practice.

If you require medical attention, it is ideal for you to be helped as quickly as possible. GPs often charge additional costs to non-registered patients. Should you ever need medical care outside practice opening hours, you will usually only be helped by a GP if you are registered with a practice in that same city.