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The contact page is not for healthcare-related questions or sending photos. Always use the patient portal for these or contact one of the practices directly.


Frequently asked questions

Yes. We work with a permanent team of general practitioners. When you schedule an appointment via our patient portal, you can choose who you want to consult with.

Yes! If you also want to register your family members with us as well, you can do so via the same registration form.

Basic insurance covers much of the care you receive from a general practice. These are the phone calls, visits and consultations by, for example, a family physician, physician assistant, physician assistant, physician assistants and/or nurse specialist. Another part is subject to a deductible. These are the costs you have to pay yourself as a patient for the care you receive. These include additional tests, referrals and medication.

This requires access to our patient portal. If you are registered with Jans Huisartsen, you will automatically have access to this application.

You need an e-mail address and a Dutch mobile telephone number.

We are open every Monday through Friday from 08:00-17:00. For evening, night and weekend emergencies call: Sint Franciscus Gasthuis GP clinic: tel 010-4669573.

Rotterdam Centrum: Vasteland 22
Rotterdam Kralingen: Struisenburgstraat 46

Yes, that’s possible. Only if you live further than a 15-minute bike ride from the practice will we unfortunately not be able to complete your registration.

When you need care, it’s nice when you can be helped as quickly as possible and close by. To non-enrolled patients, in addition, general practitioners often charge additional fees. And should it ever happen that you need care outside opening hours, you will usually only be helped at a GP clinic if you are registered with a GP in the same municipality.